Surrounded by a Clan of Bigfoots smashing rocks & Leaving gifts!


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Amazing, epic series of rock clacks, as a clan of Bigfoots make their presents known and surround us deep in the Northern woods of Maine.

We had done recon in a large swath around camp eliminating any other humans in the area. Earlier in the day we had left gifts of Feathers, pretty rocks, flowers, nuts etc, to show our gratitude towards our friends, later in the day a singular rock clack close to camp lured us onto a small peak where we discovered 4 moose sheds, including a matching pair.

After returning to camp we were surprised to start hearing rock/boulder smashing all around us. My nephews Ryan & Zax tried their hand at generating rock clacking to mimic the Forest people; and were over joyed to have return clacks numbering over a hundred in total.

As we traveled down the remote logging road attempting to get closer; the rock clacking locations would change as we moved. Sometimes in front of us; other times at the sides, or even behind us.

An amazing interaction with Forest Demi Gods.


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