Sasquatch/Bigfoot Terrorized Family At Ruby Creek!


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One of the most famous of Sasquatch/Human encounters in Bigfoot history occurred September 1941. The Chapman family of five living in rural area near Ruby Creek endured a week of terror. It started with the Chapmans nine year old son coming into their house from playing outside in a state of shock. The boy informed his mother that a big brown "Cow" was coming out of the woods. The mother noticed how shook up her son was and immediate went outside to investigate. What she witnessed would forever changed their lives. Standing about 300' away at the edge of the treeline watching her was a hulking eight tall humanoid male covered in five inch long yellow/brown haired Omah. As Jeannie and the Sasquatch locked eyes she shouted for her nine year old to grab a big blanket and round up the other two kids. The bold Bigfoot probably realized there was no husband and rifle at home started to advance in the open in daylight towards her. She turned away and quickly went inside the house and wrapped her kids in the blanked in an effort to hide them from the Sasquatch. When mom and kids came back outside the huge Omah was only 100' away and closing.
This is my retelling/re-enactment of the Chapman's family week long chilling encounters with the Sasquatch. Note: Every day they found large Bf prints close to their house and around their property from the nightly 2 am visits and vocalizations.

A great report of how a mother protected her kids from the Omah! Happy Mother's Day!

Info from John Green and Ivan T Sanderson investigation reports.

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