"Ohio Bigfoot Attack & Fed Cover-up", Part II--Episode #24--Dogman Sasquatch Oklahoma Encounters


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THIS PART II EPISODE RUNS 2:03:28 IN LENGTH. Again, I do apologize. I have an error glich in rendering and placed 1:41:00 of extra (blank) time onto this Part II. Thank you for your understanding and I am looking into this matter. --Lance H.

This is Part II of this EXCLUSIVE Episode in which two cousins who had a very frightening Bigfoot attack them in Ohio just a few weeks ago. This encounter has many bizarre twists and turns during the attack, but even more, the massive military and Federal Cover-up that followed, and that is still going-on as this episode is published...this is Part II.

Cryptid Brothers Investigation of Oklahoma is a team of brothers and colleagues that are experienced in outdoor survival skills, firearms, and wildgame habitats. We seek to help other Oklahoman's that have witnessed and/or encountered a sasquatch or dogman-like creature, that they're not alone. We travel, interview, and document from a scientific/biological investigative approach in order to understand the nature and characteristics of these elusive creatures roaming across Oklahoma and surrounding states.

For additional pics & info, visit FB page: "Oklahoma Encounters"
Coming soon, our website: "Oklahomaencounters.com"

If you've witnessed or experienced something that you couldn't explain that was hairy, walks upright, or walks on four legs, call our toll-free number, 1-866-306-8085. Your name will be kept confidential. All reports will be taken seriously.

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