Discovering Bigfoot with Michael Cook Cryptid Researcher With Psychic Kathryn Kauffman


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What is Cryptid Research and how does it Relate to Bigfoot sightings. With Psychic Kathryn Kauffman.
Lets take a brief look at The unknown realm of Cryptozoic investigation. Many natural phenomena fall into this category such as Giant Squid. Phylum Mollusca was once thought to be just a myth but in current day we are finding solid evidence of its existence. Michael Cook is a Local Cryptid Researcher of Cook Cryptid Research. He gives seminars and is a speaker across the US. He is currently giving seminars on how to properly evaluate and gather evidence from a possible sighting. On Tonights show learn the importance of evidence gathering and how to approach a possible sighting. We will get a close up look at an actual casting of a footprint and discuss the uniqueness of the cast.Michael Cook has been investigating the world of unknown topics for several years and has a book release about his experiences summer of 2107 Titled My journey into the unknown. Join Kathryn's Monday night audience as we explore the world of Bigfoot and Cryptid Research

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