A Hunter's Real Dogman Encounter: Encounter with an Upright Canine


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A Hunter's Real Dogman Encounter: Encounter with an Upright Canine

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The day I went hunting, I made it to the campsite around 6p.m I rode there on my dirtbike and chose the northern deer stand for my main use for the night. I set in for the peace and quiet of the forest and started frog giggin, which means hunting frogs with rocks or hand crafted spears. Then set up in my stand and just waited, listening and hoping for a good sized buck to take a sip from the pond below.

I heard a pack of coyotes in the distance, but wasn't worried since coyotes are heavily populated in the country, I didn't even think much of it but turned to see if i could get a glimpse of the pack. I saw them in the distance in the cornfield, their shadows were moving swiftly. I was pretty amazed at the site but something didn't look right. There was a larger figure moving near them on all fours. This stunned me because I was unable to think a coyote could be this large large.

The pack started to move closer to the wooded outskirts where my deer stand was. I realized the figure was too large to be coyote or a wolf and this scared me. When it was about 20 or 30 yards away i could smell the outstandingly disgusting odor this creature produced. It smelt like old urine mixed with cow crap. I freaked out and slammed the door to my deer stand closed. I don't know if the creature could smell me or if the banging of the door attracted it but I realized I messed up bad.

I looked out of the window and it's figure was just 10 yards away and moving from tree to tree. I could hear it's heavy footsteps circling the stand. I grabbed my flashlight to see if this thing was any where closer so I could see it. To this day I regret grabbing that light. I looked out and turned on the flashlight. Standing on its to back legs, 3 yards away was a jet black, very hairy, wolf snouted creature looking right at my stand. It noticed my light and looked dead at it holding its hand in front of its face, it's eyes haunt me until it's day, angry, mean looking amber eyes.

His hands were human like with a gray palm. It was pretty damn large and buff and easily looked like it could weigh 400 pounds. As for the height my stand was around 10 feet, this things head was just maybe about 2 feet below the bottom,so I say 7 and a half to 8 feet.

I must of frightened it when it saw the light because it flew from sight. I jumped back against the wall realizing what I had just seen. What happened next is the reason I don't even go in the woods alone or hunting alone anymore. I still have to overcome this everytime I look at our woods.

The creature gave off a blood curdling howling sound with crackles in the distance. The howling and shrieking snarls really brought back my memories as a kid of watching the movie Bad Moon. There may have been more than one, the howling did sound different occasionally, if anything it May have been a duo. The rest of that night I sat in the corner, my 12 gage loaded, starring at the door to the stand. That creature howled on and off all night, knowing I was in there. When morning finally came I checked all four directions with my binoculars. I saw nothing, but it still took me forever to work up my courage to go down the ladder. I left everything, hopped on my dirtbike and flew back to see farm.

When I got back, I was scolded for lying. My grandpa said I was being immature and senseless to myself. However he did go out hunting a few weeks after. Call me a wuss but I almost cried every time he did in fear of that creature but he always returned. One time though he came in with a shock on his face. He told me he found 2 full grown bucks, mutilated, not far from the deer stand I was at.

His scene told him that it was wolves, but the thing he couldn't understand was their heads were gone. He told me he has heard howls like I described to him. He has also been in fear as I have been before too.

My sighting is the only one that has been reported in my county. However, I did some research in my neighboring counties and found that this past June, a man in a roadside cleanup crew was driving around picking up dead animals He saw a pair of raccoon crossing the street and slowed down. Out of the treeline a beast that was really well built snatched both of them up and darted off. The guy stated he was shocked and swore the beast was walking upright and looked almost completely like a wolf.

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